Sean Bean video interview promoting Silent Hill 3D

ME: Great interview! Talks a bit about Sharpe too :)

I can’t wait to see Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on Friday!!! Wondering just how much of Sean will be in 3D, first time he’s done that :)

Silent Hill is one of my fave horror movies, also one of the best based on a video game IMO, and advance reviews for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D have been pretty good so I’m expecting to like it a lot for the horror components plus Sean. I love Kit Harington & Malcolm McDowell, too. And I love carousels but hate clowns.

Tons of great pix posted to:
http://www.silenthill3d.com/   (need to fix Sean’s bio!!)

Sean Bean - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) - fave trailer stills

Looks like it’s gonna be another Hell of a movie! Loved the 1st one. Definitely on my watch list. I like Kit Harington too.

View the full trailer here:

"Bringin’ on the heartbreak…"

I’ve recently done a few picture sets here of some (The Lost Future, Anna Karenina), now someone has asked for more movies in which Sean’s character DOES NOT DIE. I’m grouping Tom & Thomas (2002), The Dark (2004) and Silent Hill (2006) together because in each, he plays a father looking for his lost child.

Of these, I liked Silent Hill best, it’s one of the most decent horror films from a video game. Happily a sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) has been made which I really look forward to seeing, it is based on the 3rd game and Sean has a primary role again, reprising Chris & adding a new character.

The Dark has Sean’s artist character James living in a remote farmhouse he is fixing up along coastal Wales where his wife & daughter come to visit. But the daughter gets pulled into the water and apparently drowned by a nasty girl spirit who looks like the daughter, and thereafter a bunch of supernatural happenings go on whilst they try to get her back. The plot had enough twists to keep me interested throughout.

Tom & Thomas is a lighter film & has Sean as an artist named Paul with a son who finds out his imaginary friend is actually his real live twin. As boys are wont to do, they get into lots of trouble. The kid actors were good, I especially enjoyed them swapping each other on poor dad & Sean also did a great job with this role. Another fave actor of mine, Derek de Lint, was also in this.

Side note: I think lost amongst the many talents on Sean’s resume is the fact that he works very well with children!