LEGENDS (2014) Rogue episode 5, fave Sean Bean shots

I thought I liked Dante best but new legend Len Barlow ups that ante! Sean doing a Texas cowboy! This was terrific, this is what I was hoping the main push of the series would be, to Martin & who he might or might not be. I like Tony Rice & the cases in order to see new legends but it’s almost a distraction. I liked Maggie a lot better this time. With Sonya Odum, some of my suspicions were confirmed by this episode, and I hope this tale keeps being chased! The writers on twitter @LegendsWriters made a jest that included something about a 2nd series, I hope this is going to be true!

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LEGENDS (2014) Betrayal episode 4, fave Sean Bean shots

I like the Dante legend but I didn’t much like the murder of Yuri’s man, at least Martin had an issue with it, you could clearly see he was unhappy when making his report, and he also had a bout of panic after the bit with Yuri & Ana ended. I think he really liked Ana, but who did, Martin or Dante? I also hope this isn’t the end of Tony Rice, I think it would be cool to put him in the DCO to work with Martin. Guess we start a new storyline next week, this one seemed pretty well wrapped. Who will Martin get to be next?

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LEGENDS (2014) Lords of War episode 3, fave Sean Bean shots

I think Dante is Martin’s best legend yet! Dante Auerbach is everything I expected him to be, and I hope we see more of his slickness. Just #DontKillSeanBean!! As for the rest of the show, the plots in general, the other characters & such, I’m not so impressed. Exceptions are Mason Cook, who plays Martin’s son Aiden Odum, I like the kid. I also like Morris Chestnut’s Tony Rice, I could see him ending up as a partner to Martin if his inquiry doesn’t go askew.

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LEGENDS (2014) Chemistry episode 2, fave Sean Bean shots

What interested me most about this episode is that Martin himself is now under investigation and we don’t know what will be uncovered, but any info that is found is just as important to Martin as they are to the bureau! I’m keenly interested in this puzzle. Next episode reveals another legend who looks like a real piece of work. Bring ‘em on, just #DontKillSeanBean!!

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LEGENDS (2014) Pilot episode 100, fave Sean Bean shots

What I enjoyed most about this series debut, besides Sean’s fantastic multiple performances obviously, is the suggestion that Martin Odum, the supposed “real person,” may be just another legend. A mystery I am eager to follow each week as more puzzle pieces are revealed along with more of Martin’s “legends” for his covert jobs. All I ask at the end of the 10 episodes of series 1 is: #DontKillSeanBean!!

My e1 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/08/legends-episode-101-pilot-summary-brief.html

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LEGENDS (2014) Official Photos from each of Series 1, 10 episodes

Premieres August 13th at 9pm EDT on TNT!!!! Can’t wait!!!

For more info incl videos & ep titles:

Legends (2014) - Sean Bean promo pix   Premieres August 13 on TNT!!

The show’s artwork & ad campaign has been terrific & clips so far look great, can’t wait to see it!! 

Legends (2014) - First Look | Legends | TNT  -  Premieres August 13!!

This is a great excerpt from the pilot episode featuring Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT’s great new spy thriller LEGENDS!! Sean plays at least 2 other characters in this show, not to be missed!!

Sean Bean's greatest photo ever!!! Also might be the best social media hashtag ever!! #DontKillSeanBeanPromo for LEGENDS Premiering August 13 on TNT!!
photo courtesy Getty & Legends TNT

Sean Bean's greatest photo ever!!! Also might be the best social media hashtag ever!! #DontKillSeanBean
Promo for LEGENDS Premiering August 13 on TNT!!

photo courtesy Getty & Legends TNT

BRIGHTEST BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS SEAN!!! Looking very fit!! A bit of football during a break of filming Legends, TNT channel’s spy show coming this summer! Can’t wait to see it!

Article: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/04/sean-busy-filming-for-tnts-legends-oh.html

Picture source: http://www.holymoly.com/celebrity/pictures/game-two-halvesthrones-whats-sean-bean69098