Ca$h (2010) - Sean Bean.

The 2010 movie Ca$h got a pretty bad rap, but if you enjoy the way Sean Bean handles roles this is a must see! Sean’s character, Pyke Kubic, is a really fascinating study in psycho OCD, subtle cruelty & implied malice. Oh and he plays the criminal twin brother Reese too! I admit it took a couple views to fully appreciate all the undertones, but his performance sucks you in.

Writing this for a few reasons. One is cataloging Shaun’s known tattoos. Thanks to http://sexyseanbean.tumblr.com/ for jogging my memory so here’s me returning the favor :)  I’m told the Asian symbols are fake.

Another reason, I’ve heard tell that this man is no longer attractive. In a word: wrong! You HAVE seen Game of Thrones, yes? The first 3 colour pictures are from Ca$h (2010). I’ve been watching him and listening to him for 25 years. In all that time, there’s basically nothing I’ve ever found unattractive, and that perception continues right to this very day. In fact as long as he possesses those wicked, smouldering, insolent jade eyes, or his voice, it will never matter what else goes to pot! LOL. (re: aging well. See: Ian McKellen)

I can’t wait to see his next film. I have no idea why his massive talent has not yet been majorly awarded by his peers.

I’ll save my “men who have pierced ears” thing for another post. ;)