Sean Bean - The Accused (2012) TV drama, BBC - Tracie’s Story

I haven’t said much about this but the latest interview with Sean about it published 27 July at BBC is superb! I’m very excited to see it as I think it was Sean’s greatest acting challenge yet… and nailed it.

EDIT 1 Aug: BBC has decided to premiere the series with Sean’s episode!! Airs 14 August just 2 weeks from now, get ready!!!

BBC One trailer for Accused:

Official description of episode:

Simon Gaskell (Sean Bean) is a college English teacher who specialises in poetry and has a secret. His alter ego is a transvestite called Tracie Tremarco, who is gay, lonely and looking for love. But trawling Manchester’s bars dressed up to the nines has not produced a lasting or truly fulfilling relationship.

Then as fate would have it Tracie falls head over heels in love in unexpected circumstances, following an altercation with some blokes out on a stag night. One of the stag revellers, Tony (Stephen Graham) a satellite and aerial engineer, comes to Tracie’s aid and offers her a lift home.

Tony and Tracie are smitten and hesitatingly their love affair begins. But Tony has a secret too - he’s married to a local beautician, Karen (Rachel Leskovac), and he cares deeply for his wife. Before long Tracie becomes entangled in a triangular love affair that leads inexorably to a terrible crime of passion.

Simon Gaskall/Tracie Tremarco is played by Sean Bean, Tony is played by Stephen Graham and Karen is played by Rachel Leskovac.

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