Missing’ TV Show (2012)  part 1 fave Paul & Becca getaway stills
from episode 9, “Promise”

Best surprise about this episode: Dax gets a clue! And there’s comeuppance!
Paul, so far so good, promise kept!

OK, so Martin is illegally trafficking anything he can get his hands on, but I’ll be seriously disappointed if that’s all there is & money is the sole motivation. I sat up a bit when his books got mentioned again. Vendetta or such would be better! Will we finally get the whole story in episode 10??

I’m pretty bothered by the massive raggedy loose ends still dangling as we head into the final episode of season 1. 41 more minutes isn’t enough to resolve all of this!! Will some fuel season 2? Will Michael’s situation? Has everyone caught on that the title “Missing” was never just about Michael?

PS This series was shot in so many of my fave places!! The photography has been just outstanding, they should win an award for that.

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