WHAT a Winstone reunion! Their fight scene kicked ass!! On this week’s MISSING, the hit ABC TV show, episode 9 is titled “Promise”…

Promise me you don’t kill Paul (again!) I suspect we’re gonna see an increased body count in these last 2 episodes. We know both parents would die for Michael, and we know Becca doesn’t die. Paul would also die for Becca. It’s pretty clear that Giancarlo would die for Becca. I think Maxim is also willing to die for Becca. Michael seems hellbent on protecting Oksana but not sure if he would die for her, and he’s already killed someone. Martin seems to want everyone but Becca dead. The CIA seems likely to kill anyone. I say Violet will be toast. I’m not sure Dax can fire a gun to save his life so he needs help!

Canada, watch Tonight — USA, watch Thursday — Both at 8pm ET!
Let’s keep the ratings going UP!!

PS the best is definitely yet to come!!!

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