"Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime. This one was mine."

Bravo Two Zero (1999), based on Sgt. “Andy McNab“‘s book, is the BBC production of his true story of a Special Operations (SAS) mission to destroy one of Saddam Hussein’s portable SCUD missile bases & the underground fiber optic cables which allowed them to communicate to fire, during the Gulf War in 1991. The 8-man patrol, called “the most decorated in the British service since the Boer War”, faced harsh & dangerous conditions during the ops, including capture & death. The Patrol is played as follows: Andy McNab (Sean Bean), Ray (Jamie Bartlett), Chris (Kevin Collins), Baz (Ian Curtis), Mark (Richard Graham), Stan (Robert Hobbs), Dinger (Steve Nicolson), Tony (Rick Warden).

"Of course you’re afraid. Anyone who says they’re not are either lying or need to see a shrink."

This photoset is made out of my fave stills from the movie. I thought it was a very good & realistic portrayal of Andy’s account of what happened. Sean spent a lot of personal time with Andy, to get the details right. Some parts are not for the squeamish. If you’ve seen any of the Sharpe movies before watching this, you’ll notice a similarity in the shooting style & ground infantry battle patterns, i.e. skirmish order, although reloading a gun has gotten a lot simpler (I kept waiting to hear Dan Hagman’s customary “Got ‘im”) It’s not a coincidence, it’s director Tom Clegg! (my mum loved Space:1999 my introduction to him before Sharpe!) There are other common truths as well: You never ever deliberately leave anyone behind. If you are in command, you’re responsible for your men. It gets both fucking hot AND cold in the desert. If you’re captured, you do what you have to to maintain zero intelligence revealed… and survive. When you’re a soldier, you accept that war is barbaric.

Side Note: “Andy McNab” is not his real name, and, contrary to what Sean thinks, Andy’s life has reminded me a little of fictional Richard Sharpe. He was an orphan, got into trouble as a kid, joined the British army at 16 to escape the law, enlisted as a Royal Green Jacket (the modern 95th Rifles), and liked women a lot. He was a professional soldier, with all that entails, and became an expert in all he learned.

http://www.andymcnab.co.uk      @The_Real_McNab

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    “Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime. This one was mine.”
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