OUTLANDER (2014) set #7 - Premieres August 2 on all STARZ outlets including internet!!!

Two bits of news today, STARZ will put the 1st episode “Sassenach” online a week early, but there is also a bit of a down for the US, STARZ also said they will split Series 1 into 2 parts of 8 episodes each, Part 2 airing in early 2015. Ohhh the looooong holiday wait!!! BUT I honestly can’t disagree with their decision to prolong a very valuable property.
EDIT : STARZ has kindly explained that the 2nd 8 episode part delayed till early 2015 is to allow for more production time.

OUTLANDER (2014) set #6 - Premieres August 9th on STARZ!!!

The Australian TV trailer is magnificent!! Screenshots from it, added to current rotation on devices, backgrounds & screen savers!! Only a little over a month to go!! Can’t WAIT!!!

Richard Armitage at The Old Vic for The Crucible, summer 2014

Also pictured: director Yael Farber.

AP Photos by Lefteris Pitarakis

OUTLANDER (2014) set #5 - Premieres August 9th on STARZ!!!

More official pictures from Starz!!  Added to current rotation on devices, backgrounds & screen savers!!  Less than 2 months to go!!

Richard Armitage in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, live at The Old Vic in London, 21 June - 13 September 2014

Bottom 2 pix are from rehearsals, all are from Old Vic’s FB page.

Photos by Jay Brooks & The Old Vic Theatre.

OUTLANDER (2014) set #4 - Premieres August the 9th on STARZ!!!

More Jamie Fraser screenshots from latest Starz BTS video!!

OUTLANDER (2014) - an official Behind The Scenes video!!

August is Getting Closer!!!

OUTLANDER (2014) set 3 - Premieres 9 August on STARZ!!

I hope you’ve seen the trailers & these shots a million billion times!! These are my own screen caps from them, more desktop backgrounds & screensaver fodder, I’m SO freakin’ excited, they are plastered onto every device screen I have! Hopefully there are more trailers coming!

OUTLANDER (2014) set 2 Premiering 9 August on STARZ!!

A few more of my computer backgrounds, I’m SO EXCITED for this TV series!!!!

OUTLANDER (2014) Premiering on STARZ Saturday 9 August!!!

These are some of my rotating backgrounds. Can ye tell how excited I am?? Have only waited more than 20 years for this adaption!!!