OUTLANDER (2014) #5 Jamie during the love scenes in episode 107 “The Wedding”

Here are some of my fave Jamie stills from the love scenes. I thought director Anne Foerster did a terrific job in finding the balance for audience expectations of the physical connection between Jamie & Claire yet keeping short of porn. It was wonderfully filmed. I loved the foreplay & disrobing of them both, their love making first looked as awkward between 2 people sexually new to each other with one a virgin, then gradually seeing more pleasure with rhythm & experience. Very satisfying translation from the book description!

Can’t wait to see the mid series 1 finale 108 “Both Sides Now”!!!
BOOO on having to wait till next year for 109-116!!!

OUTLANDER (2014) #4 Jamie & Claire’s blood vow in episode 107 “The Wedding”

In Gaelic areas of Scotland at this time, in addition to a Christian wedding sometimes a pagan marriage rite called a blood vow was added as well, to honour ancestors & cultural heritage. A cut was made on each person’s wrist & the two were pressed together to mingle each other’s blood, tied with a cord or cloth to symbolise that two were now bound as one. The words of the vow follow this pattern & Àdhamh’s Scottish Gàidhlig version is what Jamie asked Claire to repeat after him:

'S tu smior de mo chnàimh, anns mo chuislean 's tu 'n fhuil
Bheir mi dhut-sa mo chorp, gum bith ‘n dithis mar aon
Bheir mi dhut-sa slàn m’ anam, gus an crìochnaich ar saoghal.

Literal English translation:
You are the marrow in my bones and the blood in my veins
I shall give you my body, that the two might be one
I shall give you whole my soul, until our world ends.

Traditionally in English:
Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
 I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
 I give ye my Spirit, ‘til our Life shall be Done.

Àdhamh Ó Broin is Outlander’s Gàidhlig coach, tutor & translator, check out his website! www.adhamhobroin.org

OUTLANDER (2014) #3 Jamie & Claire wed in episode 107 “The Wedding”

Keeping in mind that the production team are fans too, and that each of us book readers had imagined what the wedding would look like, I thought this depiction of the ceremony was a great compromise. Once again, just loved Jamie’s changing expressions, wish Claire had changed hers! YES I missed Claire’s horror at being married in the same chapel she & Frank were & had expected that to be the flashback. YES I sorely missed Jamie giving his mother’s pearls to Claire at this time, but I was happy with the later scene. I’ve already talked about the ring, the now-former key to Lallybroch. BUT I thought shifting the perception of brilliance before the ceremony from Jamie to Claire was a good TV choice & the clothes are absolutely gorgeous! Was it that hard to find a ruby stick pin? Loved the reminder that Jamie was in fact a noble himself, a gentleman. And there’s Jamie’s smirk again! ;)

PS did anyone spot Jamie’s sgian dubh? I have looked & looked.

OUTLANDER (2014) #2 Jamie & Claire talking in episode 107 “The Wedding”

In the book, the “Revelations of the Bridal Chamber” is one of the most pivotal & important parts of this whole love story, and I kind of felt this was rather pushed aside in favour of portraying longer sex scenes. Also missing was the all-important discussion about honesty, which I hope is rectified in the next ep. You can only fit so much into an hour of TV, so I thought keeping their exchange of family stories was OK, as well as Jamie’s reassurance to Claire that he would protect her from now. It’s my perception, but I’m rather disturbed at this point that I can barely read Claire’s supposed “glass face,” yet every emotion that Jamie has is clearly displayed on his. I think Cait is a wonderful actress so it also disturbs me that she might have been directed to be like this. Claire is a woman of great passions & I expect to see it!

OUTLANDER (2014) #1 Jamie & family in episode 107 “The Wedding”

Even with the major departure from the book story, still a lot of great things in this episode! The scene additions of Jamie discussing his pending nuptials with his uncle Dougal & godfather Murtagh is near the top of my positive list! I was SO happy to hear & see Murtagh’s involvement, while Dougal was being typically himself the whole time LOL. And then there’s Jamie’s key that Rupert & Angus were instructed to have made into Claire’s marriage ring. I would have preferred it remain Jamie’s father’s ring in the scene… for the TV exchange, the key story had better be a good one!

LEGENDS (2014) Gauntlet episode 6, fave Sean Bean shots

On twitter the Legends writers said this episode was shot like a classic western; my reply was that it was more like a spaghetti western, but I meant that in a good way as some of those films are my faves! Len Barlow is definitely my fave Martin legend so far, Sean played this to the hilt & I imagine it was great fun for him. Was Martin working for Verax too? Glad to see more of Tony Rice included, still hoping he gets a promotion to DCO. And another new player to Martin’s mystery even as he loses another! Looks like a brand new legend for Martin next week. Keep it coming but #DONTKILLSEANBEAN!!

My e6 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/09/legends-episode-106-gauntlet-summary.html

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OUTLANDER (2014) 106 #2 Jamie & Claire discussing marriage “The Garrison Commander”

Here is Jamie telling Claire that his worldly goods & status weren’t much prospect for marriage to a local lass, so he might as well marry her to bail her out of trouble. Of course we all know that Jamie badly wants Claire anyway! Have to say, this scene rather fell short of my image from the book, where is Jamie’s rakish grin when he tells her he’s a virgin? But at least Claire took the booze so I still hope to see her stinking drunk! And I still feel really sorry for Claire in this situation.

Next episode: the wedding! It’ll be even worse for Claire with the flashbacks to her marriage to Frank.

OUTLANDER (2014) 106 #1 Jamie flogging flashback in “The Garrison Commander”

"There’s no joy in flogging a dead man," Jamie said in Castle Leoch, "if Randall wasn’t particularly joyous, he was certainly pleased with himself."

I thought it was important to show this terrible pivotal event in Jamie’s life, and his defiance of it. This punishment was not only unjust & made him take desperate measures to escape it going further, it also cost his family dearly. Remember what Jamie said to Claire back in Castle Leoch when she first saw the scars: “[A crime] is whatever the English say it is.” And so was the punishment for it.

LEGENDS (2014) Rogue episode 5, fave Sean Bean shots

I thought I liked Dante best but new legend Len Barlow ups that ante! Sean doing a Texas cowboy! This was terrific, this is what I was hoping the main push of the series would be, to Martin & who he might or might not be. I like Tony Rice & the cases in order to see new legends but it’s almost a distraction. I liked Maggie a lot better this time. With Sonya Odum, some of my suspicions were confirmed by this episode, and I hope this tale keeps being chased! The writers on twitter @LegendsWriters made a jest that included something about a 2nd series, I hope this is going to be true!

My e5 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/09/legends-episode-105-rogue-summary-brief.html

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I’m watching Outlander

“@Outlander_Starz #OutlanderDay Let’s see how Claire’s attitude sits with the English!!”

340 others are also watching. Outlander on tvtag