LEGENDS (2014) Lords of War episode 3, fave Sean Bean shots

I think Dante is Martin’s best legend yet! Dante Auerbach is everything I expected him to be, and I hope we see more of his slickness. Just #DontKillSeanBean!! As for the rest of the show, the plots in general, the other characters & such, I’m not so impressed. Exceptions are Mason Cook, who plays Martin’s son Aiden Odum, I like the kid. I also like Morris Chestnut’s Tony Rice, I could see him ending up as a partner to Martin if his inquiry doesn’t go askew.

My e3 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/08/legends-episode-103-lords-of-war.html

Next episode 4 “Betrayal” Wednesday on TNT & On Demand!!

OUTLANDER (2014) 103 #3  Jamie & Claire at the Black Kirk in “The Way Out”

This scene is one of the most beautiful locations & shoots yet!! Exquisitely filmed and NOT a book scene, it deserved a post all to itself!!


OUTLANDER (2014) 103 #2 Claire & The Woman of Balnain, in “The Way Out”

Jamie translates Gwyllyn the Bard’s Gàidhlig song into English:

This one is about a man out late, on a fairy hill, on the eve of Samhain, who hears the sound of a woman, singing sad & plaintive, from the very rocks of Hell…

I am a woman of Balnain
The Folk have stolen me over again
(The stones seem to say)
I stood upon the hill and the wind did rise
And the sound of thunder rolled across the land
I placed my hands upon the tallest stone
And traveled to a far distant land
Where I lived for a time among strangers
Who became lovers and friends
But one day, I saw the moon came out
And the wind rose once more
So I touched the stones
And traveled back to my own land
And took up again with the man
I had left behind

OUTLANDER (2014) 103 #1 fave Jamie stills from episode ”The Way Out”

The Outlander book says that Claire has a glass face so I never expected so many expressions from Jamie! Still waiting to see his “court face” & wink!

Is this show terrific so far or what!!!! :D

LEGENDS (2014) Chemistry episode 2, fave Sean Bean shots

What interested me most about this episode is that Martin himself is now under investigation and we don’t know what will be uncovered, but any info that is found is just as important to Martin as they are to the bureau! I’m keenly interested in this puzzle. Next episode reveals another legend who looks like a real piece of work. Bring ‘em on, just #DontKillSeanBean!!

My e2 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/08/legends-episode-102-chemistry-summary.html

Next episode 3 “Lords of War” Wednesday on TNT & On Demand!!

OUTLANDER (2014) 102 #3 fave Jamie & Claire stills from chamber scene in “Castle Leoch”

I loved how this scene was shot. Also one of my absolute fave scenes from the book as well!!

Episode 3 “The Way Out” TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Can’t WAIT!!!

Richard Armitage - Into the Storm NYC press for film August 2014

Richard Armitage - Into the Storm NYC press for film August 2014


OUTLANDER (2014) 102 #2 more fave Jamie + Claire stills from “Castle Leoch”

Sam really showed off his emotional range in the episode!!

LEGENDS (2014) Pilot episode 100, fave Sean Bean shots

What I enjoyed most about this series debut, besides Sean’s fantastic multiple performances obviously, is the suggestion that Martin Odum, the supposed “real person,” may be just another legend. A mystery I am eager to follow each week as more puzzle pieces are revealed along with more of Martin’s “legends” for his covert jobs. All I ask at the end of the 10 episodes of series 1 is: #DontKillSeanBean!!

My e1 summary & review: http://seanbeanfans.blogspot.com/2014/08/legends-episode-101-pilot-summary-brief.html

Next episode 2 “Chemistry” Wednesday on TNT & On Demand!!

OUTLANDER (2014) 102 #1 fave Jamie stills from chamber scene in “Castle Leoch”

The director of photography sure did his homework on capturing Mr. Heughan on film, did he not?! I’m definitely not done screen capping this episode!! More to come!!

PS 2nd episode even better than the first!!